Top 11 Best Christmas Lights Shows in Alberta This Season

Looking for the best Christmas lights shows in Alberta? This guide cuts through the winter chill to highlight the top displays that light up the season. We’ll provide essential details including event timelines, locations, and a peek into the festive activities that await, all without spoiling the wonder. Enchanting Evenings at Edmonton’s Candy Cane Lane […]

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lights

how to choose the best outdoor lights

Choosing the right outdoor lights can transform your space into a blend of safety, beauty, and functionality. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to choose the best outdoor lights, focusing on key considerations such as purpose, power source, style, and technical features. Whether you aim to secure your property, create a warm ambiance, […]

Smart House Exterior Renovation Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

The exterior of your home is the first thing people notice when they drive by or come to visit. An attractive, well-maintained exterior can go a long way in boosting your home’s curb appeal. This creates a great first impression, but upgrading your home’s exterior can also increase its value. According to the 2022 Remodeling […]

The Best Outdoor LED Permanent Halloween Lights

GoBright Lights

Are you obsessed with Halloween? Do you start planning your elaborate haunted house and outdoor decor as soon as autumn arrives? If so, you need permanent Halloween lights! With the newest lighting options like LEDs and smart tech, you can easily install permanent Halloween lights on your home and enjoy your favourite holiday all year. Why Go Permanent? Here are some of the most significant benefits of […]

Illuminating Your Holiday Season with the Best Outdoor Lighting for Christmas in 5 Minute

Photo by Olichel on Pixabay The holiday season is here, bringing new opportunities to decorate the outside of your home and bring it to life with the Best Outdoor Lighting. While outdoor decorations like inflatable snowmen, plastic reindeers, and other holiday-themed items can bring a festive spirit to your home, there’s nothing quite like outdoor […]


GoBright Lights

GoBright Lights offers many fun ideas and opportunities to make your home or business more awesome. Here’s a list of 10 reasons we think you should consider when purchasing our Smart Outdoor Lighting Solution. 1. Canadian Designed, Owned, & Manufactured We are proud that we have designed and created our proprietary products distributed directly by […]


One of the top questions we get asked a lot from existing, and potential customers is: “How much does it cost to run GoBright Lights Lighting System?” We thought it would be beneficial to provide some background information before we go further into this topic. Here’s some information below on LED lights: Calculating the cost […]

The Next Big Thing In Permanent Holiday Lights

       Are you looking for the next generation of programmable permanent holiday lights?  GoBright Lights will provide that for you.  This system has offered bright permanent holiday lighting and a pleasant architectural atmosphere for homes and companies since 2020.  Remember, you’ll never have to worry about hanging Christmas lights again.  How does it feel?  You […]

How is the GoBright Lights track installed?

Our custom-created track is colour-matched to the soffit and fascia of your home. It is fastened permanently to the soffit by sliding one side of the track under the fascia that wraps around and screwing a colour-matched screw into the other side to secure it. If a property that doesn’t fit the regular standard like […]

5 ways to create more value for your home


Regardless of what the real estate industry is doing as a whole, when you sell, you want to get the maximum value out of your home.  While you cannot control the housing market, you are in control of maximizing the value of your property.  Here are five ways to get more cash out of your […]