GoBright Lights offers many fun ideas and opportunities to make your home or business more awesome.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons we think you should consider when purchasing our Smart Outdoor Lighting Solution.

GoBright Lights

1. Canadian Designed, Owned, & Manufactured

We are proud that we have designed and created our proprietary products distributed directly by us through our authorized channels. Our goal is similar to the Global Standardization strategy that Mcdonald’s implements in all their global stores: to control customer satisfaction and quality. This is very important because we aim to become the best lighting company the market has ever seen. At GoBright Lights, we constantly improve our products, and our customers love it because they are getting the best of the best.

2. Hundreds of Mesmerizing Animations & Patterns

In our app under RBM, we have 100 different types of patterns you can choose from that will make your home or business look awesome. With custom patterns, you will also have endless animations and patterns to play with. Within our customization, there are 32 patterns to play with as well. The options are limitless to create almost anything you want. Our patterns are created by our product animators and customer feedback, which you can use on our iOS and Android app.

3. Dedicated TrueWarm White Chip!

This is a good-to-have feature and a customer favourite! Our latest generation of RGBW LED is phenomenal and powerful, but what’s even more amazing is the ability to use a soft white that can give your home a subtle soft glow ambiance. This warm, soft glow of the RGBW LED is the perfect lighting for a nice summer or fall evening to provide a nice ambiance on your property or act as a form of security lighting.

4. Individual End to End IP68 Waterproof Connectors

With the rating of IP68, the connections can be fully submerged. You’ve probably seen the strip lights you can buy off Amazon for around $40 to put around your room; some folks have even put them outdoors. From a safety and technical standpoint, these strips are long and typically meant for indoor usage. GoBright Lights is different because we don’t have this type of technology and setup for quite a few reasons. Our lights are created to withstand cold and wet weather. They are waterproof and individually connected to handle all the seasons, but more importantly, if one light fails, they can easily be replaced. Unlike LED strips, if one light fails, you have to replace the entire stripe, or like some of our competitors, you have to be up on a ladder soldering in a new length. We’ve created it this way to minimize future service work if needed, and it usually takes us longer to get set up and put a ladder up than to change the actual pixel! Our environment is important to us as well at GoBright Lights. By doing it this way, waste is minimized, and our customers love that they know their service bill will not be horrendous.

5. Architectural Lighting by Individual Addressability

Each LED pixel on the GoBright Lights system is individually controlled, giving you more control and versatility. Having it individually addressable allows you to create amazing lighting patterns with endless ideas. You can create a pattern where you have two lights on and two off, repeating this pattern, or you could have lights on only at your peaks and leave everything else off or vice versa. You can even create a pot light look to replace or replicate where pot lights are. No more hiring an electrician and running wiring. You can create an amazing architectural look and feel using any desired colours.

6. Set Multiple Timers

Within the GoBright Lights app, you can create timers for your system that can turn on and off your lights with the set patterns whenever you want. You choose the day you want it to repeat, time, and pattern, have it turned on or off, and then you’re set! Our app integrates with smart home integrations like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and customers like being able to turn on lights at a certain time or sunset automatically.

7. Sleek Low Profile Design

We wanted to create a lighting system that was invisible by day but bright at night. This factor was important to us as we didn’t want anything that looked tacky or bulky. We believe we created the best low-profile design in the market after we’ve created and tested many iterations. When the lighting system is off, you don’t get the traditional hang-down lights that look out of place.

8. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

GoBright Lights offers a 5-year warranty comprehensive warranty. Our pixels are graded to 50,000 hours, giving you ample time to use your lighting system and a longer shelf life than other lighting products by a large margin. We stand behind our products 100% that’s why our warranty is 5 years for parts and labour.

9. Custom iOS & Android App

We use commonly programmed iOS and Android apps designed specifically for LEDs and one for the GoBright Lights system. As our product owners, we ensure our app is up to date with the latest operating systems and features.

The GoBright Lights system is an investment, and it outweighs the alternatives that are readily available on the market. General LED lights for that once-a-year special occasion, Christmas, will have a specific shelf life, and the manufacturing is not designed to last long term. In fact, its a bad idea to leave those lights up year-round because they are not designed for that use. According to an article on CNet those lights are only meant to last 90 days, can dry up, crack, and become a fire hazard over time. Those lighting companies want you to buy more lights over and over!

The annual costs to replace the lights or even the bad “strands” of lights are not worth it, so customers feel obligated to buy more lights; by then, the colours don’t match, apps or integration may be different, or the original lights are discontinued. Soon you will get into the trap of buying them all over again annually.

With GoBright Lights, having lights year-round with our permanent solution gives you way more use and time to use them to the fullest. Now you can add additional holidays, seasons, birthdays, architectural lighting and more! For your convenience, we’ve broken down the monthly cost of running GoBright Lights.

As noted above in architectural lighting, you could replace your pot lights which is much more efficient comparatively!

Clearly, your investment would be more affordable in the long run.

10. Your neighbours will be raving about your lights!

We hear far too often from our happy customers that their neighbours are interested in getting a quote to get lights on their homes. Or they get asked “Who did your lights? They look Amazing!”

Additional Bonus! Control your system from anywhere in the world with our cloud base technology

Whether on vacation or at home, you can control your lights remotely by using the internet on your phone!

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