Permanent LED Channel Lighting for your commercial property!

GoBright Lights creates customizable eye-catching commercial permanent LED track lighting for impactful commercial spaces. Energy-efficient, long-lasting, low-cost solutions. Our affordable, low-voltage systems creates an engaging customer experience while reducing energy costs long-term.

Stand out from the competition and create an engaging customer experience

GoBright’s commercial permanent LED channel lighting systems allows you to showcase your brand with impactful, eye-catching illumination. Our versatile lighting solution provides a powerful yet affordable lighting to both indoor and outdoor spaces that require enhanced visibility after dark.

Create an engaging atmosphere that highlights your brand on a budget.

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Why GoBright Lights for business?

With GoBright’s advanced commercial lighting system, you have complete control to create any patterns that amplify your business and brand. Our custom light channels, proprietary controller, and long-lasting LED pixels enable:

  • Programming patterns and logos that reinforce your brand identity
  • Animated colors and lighting effects synced to sales/promotions
  • Controlling each pixel separately to create security, architectural and various lighting patterns for all occasions
  • Stand out from the competition with by illuminating your building
  • Pick preset festive and pre-made light sequences for holidays

Commercial Grade Materials

Made from specially formulated commercial grade aluminum alloy of AA3000 or equivalent, our hat track channel performs like heavier gauge material, Hi-Tensile aluminum features a smooth, low-gloss LoMar polyester finish that will deliver outstanding beauty for your commercial property.

Our design team can customize our channel profile to match the style and aesthetic of all types of buildings and unique structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our design team have an expansive selection of channel lighting profiles available to accentuate your property’s distinctive architectural elements through strategically positioned commercial track lighting.

Our installation team will plan around the busiest time of your property to minimize any disruptions. In addition we comply and follow all building rules, codes, and regulations during our work on site. to ensure the safety and security of all patrons.

Our unique bubble lens diffusion technology creates the ability to wall wash lighting, which is a technique that provides smooth, shadowless illumination across entire wall surfaces from top to bottom. This creates an inviting ambiance by highlighting the texture and color of the wall material.

Wall wash is commonly used in exteriors, galleries, lobbies, corridors and other architectural spaces to make them feel brighter and more open.

Our cloud based app allows the remote control of several devices no matter where you are in the world. In addition, you are able to group devices together to control them as a group or individually.

Yes, our lighting system includes a user management section in our app that allows you to grant access permissions to others, such as your property management company or guests. You can provide them the ability to remotely control when the outdoor lights activate and deactivate as needed.

Yes, the GoBright Lights app allows you to set custom schedules or create a highly customizable timer based on your needs, allowing you full control of your property automatically.

Not necessarily, but in order to control our lighting system remotely, internet connectivity is required.

Our system utilizes the latest dual band Wi-Fi chip that operates on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.

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