Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Stunning Permanent Lighting For All Occasions​

Create an Inviting Ambiance for Your Home, Business, Yard, Patio or Garden with Long-Lasting, All-Weather, Year-round, Permanent Outdoor Lights with GoBright Lights.

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Permanent Outdoor Lights for Christmas


Our permanent outdoor and Christmas lights are perfect for Christmas and can be celebrated year-round.

Permanent Lights for Halloween


Celebrate Halloween not just on Halloween but you can celebrate it year-round if you'd like with our permanent outdoor lights.

Permanent Lights for Canada Day

Canada Day

Celebrate Canada Day with our permanent outdoor lights and let your home or business shine in the Canadian colours.

Permanent Lights for Independence Day

Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day or 4th of July with our permanent outdoor lights simultaneously with fireworks.

Permanent Lights for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

Show off your love to the one you cherish most with our permanent LED under eaves or soffit outdoor lights.

Permanent Lights for New Years

New Years

Make your home or business shine bright on New Years Eve and New Years day with our spectacular under soffit permanent lights.

Permanent Lights for Diwali


Our under soffit permanent outdoor lights are great for those celebrating Diwali. Inquire today to let us show you how.

Permanent Lights for Thanksgiving Day


There is so much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, and you can celebrate it with our permanent led outdoor lights.

And many more other occasions, just ask us how!

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