Are you obsessed with Halloween? Do you start planning your elaborate haunted house and outdoor decor as soon as autumn arrives? If so, you need permanent Halloween lights! With the newest lighting options like LEDs and smart tech, you can easily install permanent Halloween lights on your home and enjoy your favourite holiday all year.

Why Go Permanent?

Here are some of the most significant benefits of putting up permanent Halloween lights instead of temporary decorations:

  • It saves time since you don’t have to put up and take down lights every year
  •  Allows you to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year!
  •  Perfect for Halloween enthusiasts who go all out with decorations
  •  LED and intelligent options allow for energy efficiency and customization
Pros Cons
Saves timeMore upfront effort and cost
All-year lightingNeeds to follow electrical codes
Customization Consider weather conditions

Whether you want a year-round Halloween ambiance or feel like something other than untangling lights every November, permanent outdoor holiday lights are the way to go, keep reading to learn how to make your home a haunted haven.

Ideal Placement for Permanent Halloween Lights

When installing permanent Halloween lights, you must decide where they will make the most significant impact. Here are some ideal places to highlight with your ghostly glare:

  • Soffits and eaves – outline roof overhangs and edges
  •  Outdoor trees and bushes – wind lights around branches
  •  Fences and railings – line walkways and property edges
  •  Windows – place around frames or hang in panes
  •  Pathways and walkways – mark driveways, stairs, and paths

Get creative with placement! The more unexpected, the better. Just be sure to keep electrical codes and safety in mind. GoBright Lights won’t design and put lights in a place where it’s unsafe to put the permanent Halloween lights.

Types of Long-Lasting Lights

The lighting options for year-round Halloween decor are endless. Consider these other permanent types to get your home glowing:

  • LED string lights – Energy efficient and long-lasting
  •  Projection lights – Produce haunted house effects
  •  Spotlights – Highlight specific decorations
  •  Blacklights – Make decorations pop and glow
  •  Intelligent lights – Sync to music, set schedules, control with apps

LEDs and smart tech make modern permanent Halloween lights more customizable, energy efficient, and hassle-free than ever. Make your decor as high-tech or subtle as you like!

You can easily have a permanent Halloween spirit year-round with the proper placement and lighting options. Save time, showcase your love of the season, and customize to your heart’s desire. Follow essential safety tips and electrical guidelines so your permanent display shines brightly for years.

Install those Halloween lights and start haunting your home – no end date required!

Benefits of Permanent Halloween Lights

Installing permanent Halloween lights allows you to enjoy spooky decor all year long. Let’s explore the most significant benefits of lighting long-lasting Halloween lights in your home.


One significant advantage of permanent displays is that you save time not installing and taking down decorations annually. Stringing up lights and inflatables just for one month is tedious. With a permanent display, your Halloween cheer is ready to glow at the flip of a switch.

Here’s a comparison of the time invested:

Temporary lightsPermanent lights
Hours putting up lights each yearOne-time installation
Hours taking down lightsNo take-down required
Hours untangling wires and bulbsNo untangling wires annually

As you can see, outdoor permanent Halloween lights save hours of installation and take down time year after year.

Year-Round Halloween Spirit

Another significant benefit of permanent lighting is enjoying Halloween all year long! With the flick of a switch, you can be immersed in your favourite holiday anytime.

  • Celebrate **”Half-o-ween” **in April
  •  Throw a summer Halloween party
  •  Keep your home spooky all autumn long
  •  Add frightful flair to other holidays like Christmas

The possibilities are endless when you keep your display open to October. Go big with your Halloween spirit!

Perfect for Enthusiasts

Permanent lighting displays are ideal for hardcore Halloween lovers who decorate elaborately yearly. You can invest in heavy-duty props and technology that last long.

  • Deck out your home like a year-round haunted house
  •  Sync advanced audio and lighting effects
  •  Show off your decorating skills all year
  •  Add to your display a little at a time

Halloween enthusiasts will get great value from permanent fixtures. Save your ephemera for the more casual decorators.

With significant time savings, the ability to celebrate Halloween 365 days of the year, and appeal for decorators, permanent outdoor lights have many advantages over temporary festooning. Invest once in long-lasting decor, and you’ll reap the benefits for years!

Ideal Places to Install Permanent Halloween Lights

When designing your year-round Halloween display, choosing strategic locations is critical. Here are prime spots to install permanent outdoor lights for maximum impact:

Soffits and Eaves

Outlining the overhangs and edges of your roofline creates striking silhouettes.

  • Permanent lighting around soffits spotlights architecture
  •  Flood eaves with colored spotlights or strobes
  •  Use waterproof LED options for durability.
  •  Allows custom lighting without climbing on the roof

This type of roofline illumination is easy to install and makes a substantial visual impact.

Outdoor Trees and Bushes

Wrap tree trunks, branches, and bushes in permanent lights for an eerie effect.

  • String lights winding through trees glow like magical forests
  •  LED netting wrapped on bushes adds colour
  •  Project ghostly faces or scenes into the branches
  •  Weatherproof lighting stands up to the elements

Trees and shrubs make perfect supports for long-lasting Halloween lights.

Fences, Railings, and Posts

Any structure around your yard is fair game for some frightful flair.

  • Adorn fence tops with creepy silhouettes
  •  Edge railings and posts with LED strips
  •  Use spotlights to cast shadows
  •  Light up pathway markers and garden structures

Outdoor accents look even better illuminated in an eerie glow all year long.


Your windows are the perfect blank canvas for Halloween art.

  • Hang string lights around window frames
  •  Stick LED silhouettes to window panes
  •  Project seasonal images onto curtains
  •  Place ground lights below to highlight windows

A few well-placed window lights go a long way in creating a haunted facade.

Pathways and Walkways

Finally, use lights to guide guests through your outdoor space with a spooky twist.

  • Line driveway, footpaths, stairs with lights
  •  Place ground spotlights to highlight hazards
  •  Project moving images along the ground
  •  Hide special effects lights in bushes or trees

Creative pathway lighting builds anticipation leading up to your house.

Positioning permanent Halloween lights strategically around your property maximizes their impact. So dress up your roofline, trees, fences, windows, and paths for a showstopping display all year!

Types of Permanent Halloween Lights

The options for permanent outdoor Halloween lights are endless these days. Here are some top types to transform your home into a year-round haunted house:

Permanent Lights

Permanent lights are available in every colour to set the perfect ghostly mood.

  • Extremely energy efficient and long-lasting
  •  Can withstand weather when rated for outdoor use
  •  Available in different shapes like jack-o-lanterns and skulls
  •  Affordable and easy to install almost anywhere

LEDs allow for creativity and customization in your display.

Projection Lights

Projectors allow you to display words, images, or scenes for stunning effects.

  • Project ghostly faces onto trees or walls
  •  Make writing appear on sidewalks or floors
  •  Establish haunted house themes with projectors
  •  Many projectors are weather-resistant

Get creative with projections for an eerie ambiance all year long.


Strategically placed spotlights can transform your home’s facade.

  • Spotlight Halloween props for dramatic effect
  •  Use coloured spotlights on bushes, trees, or exterior walls
  •  Shine down from the roofline onto the yard
  •  Create shadows and silhouettes

Spotlights allow you to highlight different decorations at any time.


Blacklighting makes decorations glow, creating an otherworldly environment.

  • Illuminate fluorescent Halloween props
  •  Paint patterns on exterior walls with blacklight paint
  •  Place black light fixtures in covered areas
  •  Often used in indoor displays and haunted houses

Blacklights never fail to wow and astound.

Smart Lighting

Innovative Halloween options allow you to get creative and high-tech.

  • Sync lighting effects to music or other tech
  •  Control displays from your phone or device
  •  Set schedules to turn on at night automatically
  •  Adjust colours, patterns, and effects remotely

Smart permanent lighting takes decorating to the next level!

With the variety of permanent Halloween lights available today, you can design a professional-level display that looks fantastic year-round. Get inspired by all the options!

Installation Tips and Considerations

Once you’ve picked the perfect permanent Halloween lights, it’s time to install them properly so they shine all year long. Follow these tips:

Hire a Professional When Needed

If your display involves complicated setups like:

  • Extensive roof lighting
  •  Electrical work
  •  Advanced audio/visual tech

It may be worth hiring a professional installer.

Benefits of professional installation:

  • Experience with safety and codes
  •  Access to tall rooflines with lifts
  •  Complex programming knowledge
  •  Warranties on work

However, many homeowners can install permanent Halloween lights successfully themselves.

Use Timers and Lighting Controllers

Timers and controllers allow you to automate your display.

  • Smart timers sync to apps and schedules
  •  Astronomical timers turn on at dusk, off at dawn
  •  Controllers allow light programming and effects
  • Certain apps may also have timers built into them

This takes the effort out of turning lights on/off daily.

Follow Electrical and Safety Codes

Adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use outdoor-rated cords and extension cables
  •  Ensure wires are rated for intended use
  •  Use GFCI outlets near wet areas
  •  Don’t overload circuits
  •  Check for loose connections
  •  Allow lights to cool before handling

Cutting corners can lead to fires or injury. Safety first!

Consider Weather Conditions

Outdoor lighting must withstand the elements.

  • LEDs perform better than incandescent bulbs
  •  Look for waterproof light strings and fixtures
  •  Fasten ropes tightly so the wind doesn’t tangle
  •  Check plastic components for sun damage

Your lights will glow longer if rated for the outdoors.

Check Lights Periodically

Inspect lights regularly for issues like:

  • Loose, frayed or exposed wires
  •  Broken sockets cracked housing
  •  Corrosion, moisture damage
  •  Rodent damage
  •  Vegetation interfering with lights

Address any hazards immediately to avoid electrical issues or fires.

With thoughtful preparation, you can install dazzling permanent Halloween lights safely. Take time to do it right so your display shines from year to year!


There’s no reason to pack up your Halloween decorations on November 1st when you can easily create a ghostly display with permanent outdoor lights all year.

Summary of Key Points

  • Permanent Halloween lights allow you to save time, showcase your holiday spirit 24/7, and customize your decor.
  •  Strategic placement on rooflines, trees, fences, windows, and walkways maximizes visual impact.
  •  LED, projection, spotlight, blacklight and smart lighting options create professional effects.
  •  Follow safety guidelines and consider weather conditions during installation for best results.
  •  Regular inspection and maintenance keep your display looking haunting year after year.

Pros of Permanent Halloween Lights

Some key advantages of long-lasting Halloween lights:

  • Save hours not installing/taking down lights
  •  Decorate for Halloween in summer or winter, too
  •  Show off your extreme Halloween enthusiasm
  •  LED and smart options allow customization
  •  Built to withstand weather extremes

Cons to Consider

A few downsides to weigh:

  • More expensive initial investment
  •  Time-consuming installation
  •  Finding safe wiring routes
  •  Ongoing maintenance required
  •  Following electrical codes

For most Halloween lovers, the pros heavily outweigh the cons!

Light Up Your Halloween Spirit

There’s never been a better time to invest in permanent Halloween lights with all the LEDsmart, and weatherproof options. So, take your Halloween decorating to the next level this year with an electrified display that shines all year!

Follow the tips in this article to design an impressive permanent lighting installation. Go as over-the-top or subtle as you like. Then get ready to bask in your horrifying ambiance 365 days a year.

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