LED lights Cost Less Than Ever

Permanent Christmas lights will cost you more upfront, and it’s because the production costs are higher, and the components are often assembled by hand. Still, in the end, you’ll save money in the long run because LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. You won’t have to climb the ladder every year to hang your lights. The other added benefit is that you have permanent holiday lights to use on any occasion, not just Christmas.

LED lights use less energy than incandescent bulbs. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which helps the environment while lowering your electricity bills. LED lights also last longer, meaning you don’t have to change a bulb as often or ever!

Unlike incandescent bulbs, which require a conductive material to dissipate heat and produce a natural white glow, they are often coated with yellow phosphors, which isn’t good for health. They also consume a lot of energy.

Here are some things about the permanent LED Christmas Lights:

You’ll feel safe! 

If you have children or pets and are concerned about the safety of Christmas decorations, LEDs are a great choice because they produce almost no heat, cool to the touch, and don’t give off any harsh lighting. And that means you’ll be safe and comfortable. Permanent Christmas Lights are also mounting high into the soffit and fascia of your home, so they are out of reach.

Efficient work in cold weather.

At temperatures below freezing point, incandescent lamps can explode! But the permanent Christmas lights work better in cold weather. When the thermometer goes down, they become more effective. They are unhindered by the cold weather due to the nature of their design.

LED lights are incredibly durable

LED permanent Christmas lights get high marks for durability. In tests, LED lights don’t burn out after more than 4,000 hours, while standard string lights burned out 1-2 per string in less than half that time.

More light from a small device. 

As a rule, you can connect eight to ten times as many LED strands to each other with just one socket. Before overloading the circuit, you can only connect four to five end-to-end sets with traditional mini Christmas lights. With mini LED pixel lights, you can add between 40 and 50 or more depending on the number of lights, wattage, and power requirements.

Can replace individual light bulbs

Like traditional light bulbs, the permanent Christmas lights pixel can fail, either one light at a time or an entire range which is extremely rare. And because of the GoBright Lights pixel design, they’re straightforward to replace.

Blue-led Christmas lights can make you sick.

The blue light from LED lights and electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops can disrupt your circadian rhythm. It can cause sleep deprivation, leading to obesity, diabetes and depression—an article published by CNN talks more in-depth about the side effects of blue light in LEDs.

Giant lightbulb vs small lightbulb vs pixel

While mini lights have been the most popular, they cannot compare to permanent Christmas lights. While these mini lights for the past decade are a bit “old-fashioned,” brightly coloured lightbulbs are making a comeback. The best part? These larger bulbs are available as LEDs. However, LED pixels now have the best of both worlds where they shine brighter than traditional bulbs, and they aren’t as big and clunky as the old conventional string lights. The permanent Christmas light system is virtually invisible by day because of the colour-matched channel.

Done for you decoration

When using a permanent Christmas lights system or a permanent holiday light system outside, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals to design and install it. They’re virtually invisible by day, but at night you’ll see how your home can shine bright. 

Warm White or Cool White?

Permanent Christmas lights are available in warm white light or cool white light. Warm white LED lights emit a soft glow comparable to traditional lamps and are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use in a home.